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  • Monitor your mining activity on Zergpool
  • Use all Zergpool pools right away
  • Use profit switch on Zergpool

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minerstat offers a complete stack of solutions for crypto mining professionals

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msOS mining OS

msOS is a Linux based mining OS you can flash on any 16GB USB 3.0 or SSD and start using right away.

40+ mining clients
550+ coins

Windows node

Monitoring and mining software for your Windows rigs. Quick start with simple installation.

30+ mining clients
550+ coins

ASIC hub

Install ASIC Hub on your server with a wizard.

and other major brands

How else can you benefit from minerstat?

We offer various tools that will make your mining easier and more efficient

Alerts & Triggers

Never miss an important event with the alerting system for e-mail, Telegram, and mobile app. Set up triggers that automatically take action (restart software, change fans, etc.) when an event occurs.

Overclocking & Undervolting

Overclock or undervolt your Nvidia and/or AMD GPUs by setting all important parameters to reach the most optimal and efficient mining. Supported on both Linux OS and Windows node.

Profit switch

Set up the coins or algorithms between which you want to switch, fees, power consumption, and let minerstat do its job. You can tune the profit switch to fit your needs and set conditions under which you want to switch.

Do you manage a medium or large farm?

We have the tools that will fit your needs

Multi-user access

Add access to your account to your team members and assign them roles of technician, accountant, or guest. For your customers, you can create independent customer accounts and have total control over it while the customer will still be able to check out their profile.

Control Room

Organize your workers in the control room to visually fit your actual establishment. The workers can be organized one by one or in shelves. Each tile will show you what are the speeds and the temperatures of the workers placed there.


Schedule a mining profile to mine under different configurations than default ones. You can also use scheduler as a way to get a mining manager's fee (e.g., mine 3% of the day to the manager's account).